Amazeowl X3 Review

22-Wed-04-2020 12:00

AmazeOwl is a beautifully designed, easy to use Amazon Tools & Utilities site browser. It's full of useful and fun features for the serious as well as the inexperienced webmaster. AmazeOwl can be an easy and entertaining way to navigate through its many features. It's a good tool for a child or for an adult, with different levels of control available, depending on your skill level.

The newest version of the Amazeowl X3 is known as the AmazeOwl x3. This version contains the popular, state of the art-technology: the new scalable XTM. An increase in size to its casing, from the original AmazeOwl x2, has given it a much better appearance and a more intense feel for its powerful, yet simple navigation.

The key differences between the original Amazeowl X2 and the AmazeOwl x3 version are the presence of two buttons that allow you to view all your sites' settings and customize them. You can easily navigate between your home page and site settings. The old version of this tool had only one button that would either open your settings or launch your home page.

This feature was made possible with the inclusion of the AmazeOwl x3: one button allows you to easily add, delete, and customize your sites and the other button launches your home page. As the old version had only one button that launched your home page, the old version could be very annoying when your settings were changed on the fly, without you having been aware of the change.

The addition of the two buttons the Amazeowl X3 provides has allowed the old version to be largely abandoned. With this new addition, you can instantly launch the settings of your current sites without having to navigate through each site. This makes the new version extremely convenient to use. You may even find yourself using both of these buttons on your own AmazeOwl X3 at different times. The use of these two buttons has opened up the chance for you to more easily change how you see your settings and add and remove many sites from your list without having to open your preferences.

Another added feature of the Amazeowl X3 is the ability to launch an Amazon Dash button on websites you like. This is so handy if you want to save time or just don't want to go to each site individually. You can add a link to the Dash button in the sidebar that will take you directly to that site without having to navigate through your entire settings every time.

Another added feature of the Amazeowl X3 is its ability to auto-upload your sites. If you have a lot of information that doesn't need to be edited, this feature is going to be extremely helpful. You simply need to put in the url of the site and then choose "save for upload."

The ability to save for upload will automatically make your Amazon tools & utilities, and your Amazon shopping cart, available to your sites and will also auto-upload your ebooks and any other things you have saved. You won't have to worry about whether or not something is ready for publishing, or if you'll get around to posting it to your website. This feature will help prevent you from losing things you may want to post but don't have time to wait for a later date to come around.

The most recent addition of the Amazeowl X3 is the ability to sort by category. This helps to provide a quick, and easy way to identify things you'd like to browse through. It also helps you find items faster if you haven't already been browsing through the category options.

One additional feature that is very useful is the Ability to hide what is a required (i.e. cookies, basic information) from the "Basic Information" section of the Settings page. This feature will make your life easier if you're always working on the site and do not want to have to constantly worry about missing out on the important things.


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